Looking for directions as you begin your soulful and empowering business? We got you covered!

We hope this can inspire, motivate, and encourage you and other businesses and entrepreneurs, especially, SMEs. Say it with feelings, “We can do it!”

As we all build our enterprise (and our society at large) slowly but surely, we celebrate the ebbs and flows.

We are all learners in this lifelong journey and as we move forward, we are committed to share our learnings and “light bulb” moments. Today, we’d love to sing and dance together in the tune of “GIFT, GRIP, GRIT, and GRIN, we are definitely flowing”!

Ready to swing?

GIFT – because we are from an infinite SOURCE, we have so much gifts to offer to the world. But don’t forget – serve yourself first so you can serve others. It’s the same in business and in life. We embrace and honor profits (as part of our GIFTS) so that we can attain personal growth, financial independence, and serve the collective. When we are happy and fulfilled, we flourish, allowing us to serve the world with our bounties and goodies!

GRIP – because we are grounded and rooted from a clear VISION. Without a clear grasp of and total surrender (faith) to our purpose and mission, we will get lost! Our vision is our “true North” and we need all the light, batteries, Google, Waze, compass, maps, and what-have-you. More importantly, draw from within: we have an unlimited reserve of intuition, imagination, curiosity, and creativity! Bring it on, soul kin and tribes. Your life is just beginning.

GRIT – because we are a VESSEL of passion, commitment, and perseverance. Nothing can stop us. Challenges are there as stepping stones toward greatness. One might say it’s easier said than done but remember, GRIT requires optimism and commitment. The work can sometimes be mundane; but with grit, we are always looking at the big picture, the vision (remember the other G, the GRIP). Don’t get sidetracked. Stay in love with your BIG dreams.

GRIN – because we are having FUN! Don’t forget to laugh. Life is made easier if we imbue craziness in the grind and hustle. We take our work seriously but, also, we know how to play. And we definitely play hard! And so, don’t forget to make fun a part of your corporate culture (and even relationships).

We hope these takeaways (founded on long years of painstaking mistakes, blissful triumphs…and yup, some dancing along the way) shall help bring more love/passion, wisdom, and fun in your drawing board.

You know what you want and you will definitely get there. Cocreate and don’t forget to dance while at it, fellow change maker!

Images on this post are by Michał Bożek and Kristopher Roller at Unsplash.