The 4Gs of Cocreating an Empowering Business

Looking for directions as you begin your startup? Let the 4Gs (GIFT, GRIP, GRIT, and GRIN) be your guide!

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To be resilient, to be like the bamboos

They bend, not ever wanting to break. And no matter where the winds pull them, they continue to sing. You are strong and resilient. Never ever forget.

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Just like a tree, we are rooted

Trees are like best friends--always there, always ready to give shelter, always quiet and strong. We hope that Anna's Trees and Innovations will also inspire you to be always…

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Big vision, small milestones

Because as the days ahead are difficult, we are inspired by this image: an innocent child bent on flying her kite, no matter what, no matter where the winds will blow.

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Our story begins

We believe in the goodness and abundance of God—who does his Mission through his children—like you and me. Our talents and the works of our Hands all come from this Source. We are…

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