one child,

one enterprise,

one leader,

at a time.

Do good, even if no one is watching.

The GOAL  

To train and nurture future leaders, change makers, and entrepreneurs through transformative, positive values-based, and high-integrity pedagogy and learning environment.


Education and pedagogy should be relevant, empowering, transformative, and inclusive.

It should also be futures-thinking, recognizing our common challenges including climate change.


Nationalism and love for country in a diverse world requires a deeply-seated embodiment of oneness. When we honor our flag and heroes, we lift our country toward greatness--but this should be within a respectful recognition that other nations' hopes are connected with our own.

What kind of future do we want to leave for our children?

HELP us BUILD our SHARED FUTURE—where there is genuine accountability and transparency, and every person finds his/her/their purpose and highest potential.

In this future, there is an HONOR system, not just among people and institutions but also among all creatures here in Mother Gaia.


More than anything, access in education must not only be about equity; it should also be about co-creating a future where truth, honor, integrity, and accountability matter.


We're disrupting the market where only those who don't need money are the ones being assisted by banks. Help should go to those who truly need it.

Could we still change the world?

Of course! But only if we are ready to do our part TODAY.

Ready to co-create this future?

Build with us.

Let's do this together


And by golly wow, we can build that (and have fun, too)!

Say hello and change the world.

integrity [at] annastrees [dot] com


Our STORY is intertwined with your own. 

It was (and still is) challenging to build Anna’s Trees & Innovations (and Integrity Institute). We didn’t want to be seen only as romantic “crusaders”. We are not here to pontificate. Every person’s spiritual journey is his /her/theirs to own. We could only try to do better each day–but eventually, we all need to find our own path.

However, the future is shaped by what we do today. We could not simply give up. The most realistic way to build a high-integrity future is to start from the roots–the education of our children.

The Integrity Institute aims to nurture future leaders and entrepreneurs who will embody not just positive values but also deep commitment to honor Gaia and the Spirit. To accomplish the objectives, it shall implement programs in two core areas: (i) education; and (ii) enterprise development.


Integrity Institute will train young  learners (from kindergarten) into adulthood (tertiary and higher learning) adopting a transformative and innovative pedagogy and learning environment.

In the first stage–we understand that it will take years to build the whole institute—we shall first raise funds for purposive scholarships, which shall be awarded to learners who shall be chosen based on their potential, aspirations, and character (and less on IQ or grades).

In the mature stage,  the institute will adopt an innovative and transformative pedagogy and learning culture that integrate ecology (Gaia) and the Spirit (positive values). It is envisioned that the learners will grow into

  • leaders and lawyers who embody truth, honor, respect, wisdom, compassion, and accountability;
  • doctors whose practice begins with the body’s natural capacity to heal–integrating  science medicine, natural and naturopathic therapy, and spiritual and energy healing; and
  • scientists and environmental professionals whose innovative creations will help build a more sustainable future.

Integrity Institute hopes to contribute to nation-building and embodiment of nationalism and love of country–the kind that also embraces and respects diversity and Oneness. After all, the growth of all people and nations are inter-connected.

For insights on the envisioned law pedagogy, please visit this article


Integrity institute will help nurture entrepreneurs and enterprises that will give back to the society, embody palabra de honor, abide with contracts/agreements (verbal or otherwise), respect procurement laws (among other legislation), and comply with all labor and social legislation and standards.

It shall implement programs in two core areas:

  • innovative funding scheme for startups; and
  • education campaigns and policy initiatives

The Institute will address the perennial problem of startups and SMEs when it comes to financing. Ironically, we have created a society where banks are seem only only for those who do not need money. Oftentimes, startups and small businesses could not access credit facility. They have nothing to show except their dreams and ideas.

Therefore, the Institute will be awarding grants or subsidies to worthy projects/enterprises based on the giving-back principle: honor the help that had been given them by helping others in return. This way, we are creating circles of hope and deepening the honor system, which is, sadly, slowly disappearing but which is still waiting to be re-ignited.

The Institute shall also implement education /learning campaigns and policy initiatives to help transform the business space and transactions toward deeper accountability and integrity. We shall focus on initiatives that will help:

  • improve banking and financing systems, encouraging them to be more responsive to the needs of startups and MSMEs
  • address and lessen homelessness through innovative schemes
  • build a culture of accountability and transparency in all government-funded projects and transactions
  • strengthen implementation of all social and labor legislations particularly on the rights of informal and freelance workers including consultants

The Institute shall rely so much on your support so please pass the word around. Your support–not just in the material sense–will truly mean a lot.

Thank you for allowing us to share our hopes.