The message is the business.

Build your brand,

while changing the world.

One Mandala recognizes that any business endeavor—if we are to rebuild our nation from a culture of integrity—should always consider the society at large and that it should inspire and become a space for the sharing of inspirational, though-provoking, and game-changing knowledge assets.

Web Development

Running a business is tough! Leave the development of your website with us. We provide all the services required--from conceptualization, writing. editorial, design, and execution.

Love this site? We can build one for you, too.

Strategic Communications

In an over-communicating world, it’s tough to get the attention. With us, your team is assured of mindful approach to communications—less of the jargons, more of the substance.

PR & Social Media

People don’t remember much of what we say; what truly stays is the goodness that we leave behind.

We just don’t handle your press and public relations to “make you look good”; we do it because we truly believe in making a difference.

Content & Knowledge Assets

Apart from your people, your most important asset is knowledge. We ensure that your content and knowledge assets are always relevant and empowering.

Creatives & Design

We breathe ART! What is life without art?

Our approach in design and creative cocreation is rooted in deep philosophy, fun,and collaboration. (A round of beer will not hurt, too!)

Research & Branding

We’ll find your niche and make you spark!

We listen well knowing that the people are the reasons for our existence. The more grounded we all are, the more we can carve a path we can truly own.

Your BRAND, your STORY

We cannot read minds but we definitely use both the right and left sides of our gray matter–because science and logic mixed with intuition are what makes our work truly compelling.

Most of all, we take off from your STORY, one that we will also draw inspiration from.

Making a difference, one mandala at a time.

What is your mantra? Together, we can craft your message and move people toward their greatness.

Coffee is waiting.

When the world is ok again, let’s meet up over coffee? [Certainly, a round of beer sounds like fun, too!]

Meanwhile, our InBox is waiting. Zoom works, too!

Say hello through onemandala [at] annastrees [dot] com.


[Deepest thanks to Michelle Bitetto, Anna Velas-Suarin, Sarah Dorweiler, Hutomo Abrianto, Alexandra Gorn, Artem Podrez, and Yonas Bekelen for the images on this page. We are releasing our One Mandala T-Shirts very soon!]