Bamboo Grove & Production Hub

Bordered by the beautiful and crystal-clear, Diaman River (in Aurora, Philippines), El Rio Bamboo will host a bamboo grove and production hub.

Low-density Villas

A future development is a 12-villa residential community in the middle of the nature-bamboo park. To honor our four directions and seasons, residents shall have four (4) designs to choose from: (i) Kanlungan (Filipiniana-Asian), (ii) Solitude (modern-contemporary,) (iii) Komorebi (Japanese), (iv) and Agape (Greek-Mediterranean).

100% Love, 100% Off-grid

As it is off-grid, the bamboo grove and community is going to be powered by renewable energy. That's 100% LOVE for you and Mother Gaia.

Residency & Incubation Program

It shall also undertake residency programs where creatives & entrepreneurs could be hosted for up to 6 months as they co-create their works and enterprises, supported by other co-creators, while enjoying El Rio Bamboo’s hoteling services. As we all know, it’s tough to co-create creative works and incubate businesses when one is thinking of what to eat for dinner!

River Bank Protection

Bamboo is known for its bio-engineering and water-retention capabilities and considered as among the more successful river bank protection systems (UNDP & USDA, n.d.; PCARRD, 2007). El Rio Bamboo is developing a strategy for the stabilization of riverbanks by preventing erosion and reducing shallow seated mass movement.

Our partnership helps us BUILD a better, safer, and greener world for our children

El Rio Bamboo is borne from our dream to honor our founder’s mother (Flor), who has inherited the land from her ancestors. We also aspire to make Aurora Province a center of excellence when it comes to bamboo production and craftsmanship. Always, we are made richer and wiser by honoring the place where we came from as we move forward and fulfill our mission.
Proceeds from El Rio Bamboo shall also help us build Integrity Institute, finance scholarships, host creatives and entrepreneurs (through the Residency & Incubation Program), and award MSME grants.
We’re now entertaining queries from potential partners. If you have compelling ideas or are interested on collaboration, please email through  elriobamboo [at] annastrees [dot] com.

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100% Love, 100 Off-Grid

Bamboos teach us about resilience.


Come, help us co-create a resilient and sustainable future.

Say hello through elriobamboo [at] annastrees [dot] com


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