Our story begins with the search for meaning.

Why are we in this world? What is our purpose and mission?

I have my own story to tell. A story of rising from the ashes, so to speak, a long search for one’s purpose. In this search for meaning, I went through the so-called ‘dark night of the soul.’ In this painful passage, I come from humanity’s failings—seeing the world for what it is.

But also, I emerge from humanity’s triumphs—hope, courage, integrity, everyday heroism, compassion, and kindness. I met the ying and the yang; the darkness and light.

I experienced so much of the pains, yet, the pains have given me a deeper understanding of existence. Together, with our darkness and light, we are arriving at this place.

There is HOPE for the FUTURE.

Anna’s Trees & Innovations is founded from a vision of a society that is sustainable, inclusive, and resilient, cocreated by high-integrity and compassionate leaders and entrepreneurs. The co-creation of this society could only happen in a space where accountability and concern for others are embodied.

Sadly, a culture of disempowerment and loss of dignity is slowly eating into the deepest core of our being, both as a collective and an individual. And this is happening all over the world, not just in the Philippines.

Anna’s Trees & Innovations cannot grow into a beautiful forest without the support of everyone—and the future is largely dependent on how we live, work, and make decisions in our lives today.

We don’t want to be seen only as romantic “crusaders”. We are not here to pontificate. Every person’s spiritual journey is his /her/theirs to own. We could only try to do better each day–but eventually, we all need to find our own path.

However, this is something that needs more attention and, ultimately, once addressed and eradicated, is a strong foundation for the future that we all dream of.

Climate challenges and pandemics, for one, will continue to shake our lives and reveal questions that we may have relegated to the back burner. Today, as we bravely live through 2021, we are again asked,

  • What is our mission?
  • What and whom are we living for?
  • What is the legacy that we want to leave for our children?
  • What can we do now in order to build that future that we want?

Education and how it can help build our aspired future

Innovative and transformative education is among the core programs/approaches of Anna’s Trees & Innovations (through Integrity Institute).

There are significant literature already done on this theme so rather than reinventing the wheel, let us share a section from the work of J. Albanese (2020),

One of the courses in the Education for Justice Initiative is integrity and ethics. Another is corruption. This effort builds on research documenting the effectiveness of creating principled, ethical decision makers from a young age. The courses…equip participants at different education levels with skills to apply and incorporate these principles in their life and professional decision-making.

People need to be accountable even without a camera looking over their shoulder or constant police surveillance. People must be motivated to act ethically, and establish a moral identity, that supports conduct in the interest of others, rather than selfish or self-seeking behavior.

People need to have better moral integrity is we want to promote ethical conduct…Ethical conduct, resistant to corrupt influences, can be found in unlikely places, but it must begin with greater individual accountability that occurs with higher ethical standards developed through teaching, training, and practice.

Personal and social happiness come from actions that benefit others, rather than exploit or ignore them. People respect other people with high moral standards. There is freedom found in not yielding to our basest desires, and in living openly and cooperatively with others rather than secretively and fraudulently. – J. Albanese (2020), emphasis mine


As J. Albanese (2020) expounded on, it begins with the young and through education and character building. This is at the heart of what we intend to accomplish.

We are not perfect beings and we do not aspire to be. However, with all our imperfections, the love that created us is perfect and that perfection allows is to dream, co-create together, and flourish.

We only have ONE country and ONE flag (and in the global context, ONE world). Anna’s Trees & Innovations will hopefully become a platform for the re-igniting of the LOVE for COUNTRY—which will ultimately make it possible for all of us to nurture the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, those who embody integrity, honesty, compassion, pagmamalasakit (deep regard for the welfare of others) and honor.

Our Commitment

We believe in the goodness and abundance of God—who does his Mission through his children—like you and me. Our talents and the works of our Hands all come from this Source. We are not perfect but his Love is. And so, with this Perfect Love, we commit to be:

  • Responsible STEWARDS, acknowledging that the lands where we build and nurture is a Gift of Life in itself;
  • Honest and fair ENTREPRENEURS, embracing our partners—from our investors to our farmers—as parts of ourselves, because their success is ours, too;
  • Creative and innovative LEARNERS, celebrating curiosity for it is the well of invention and innovation;
  • Authentic MENTORS, growing from the mistakes and inspiring others and our team not just to be bold and daring but also to create ripples of goodness and authenticity; and
  • Empowered CHANGE MAKERS, because we are grounded to the Earth, which nourishes our roots so we can inspire collaboration and empowerment.

Your TRUST and DREAM, more than your investment, are what keeps our spirits burning.

Come, help us seed, root, and nurture Anna’s Trees & Innovations, which is also intertwined with your story of hope for tomorrow.

Deepest thanks to Daniel Clay at Unsplash (header image). The image of a child below is the work of this author.